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Kid’s Reminder bracelet with Open Heart

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Reminder Bracelet: YOU are healthy, strong and LOVED ❤️
Tell your kid while putting this bracelet on her hand that this bracelet is for her to remember that YOU will always love and protect her 🙏

Natural silk bracelet with 14k gold open heart and secure closing system.

Hand made in Romania


Size: To identify which size to order, measure with a string the circumference of your child’s fist and then measure the string on a ruler. The length that you read on the ruler is the size you need to select or the closest number from the size list. The sizes are all calculated in centimetres.

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Natural silk bracelet with 14k gold heart and 14k sliding bread closing system. This system is very secure and easy to use. Just choose your bracelet size so that it will fit nicely on her hand.

Total weight: 0.3 g

Hand made in Romania

Kids Bracelet Size

S (Total Length: 11.5cm), M (Total Length: 13cm), L (Total Length: 14.5cm), XL (Total Length: 16cm), Custom size, Not sure the size

Silk Colour

Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Green

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